Title Evaluations

Seaton-Jordan provides a concise and reliable market land evaluation for your non-reserve oil & gas titles. The most common reason for investigating the value of mineral titles are estate evaluations, tax planning, or purchase and sale transactions. We will examine each Certificate of Title to determine the fair value of the land.


We know regulatory compliance is critical to your business. All evaluations are NI 51-101 compliant and adhere to the following guidelines.

The calculation of value may be based on one or more of the following factors:

  • the acquisition cost of the unproved property to the reporting issuer, provided there have been no material changes in the unproved property, the surrounding properties, or the general oil and gas economic climate since acquisition;
  • recent sales by others of interests in the same unproved property;
  • terms and conditions, expressed in monetary terms, of recent farm-in agreements related to the unproved property;
  • terms and conditions, expressed in monetary terms, of recent work commitments related to the unproved property;
  • recent sales of similar properties in the same general area;
  • recent exploration and discovery activity in the general area;
  • the remaining term of the unproved property; or
  • burdens (such as overriding royalties) that impact on the value of the property.
Note: Seaton-Jordan complies with the Securities Commission Standards of Disclosure as described in paragraph (e), subsection (1), Section 5.9 of National Instrument 51-101 Standards of Disclosure for Oil and Gas Activities and is further detailed in the Companion Policy 51-101CP.