Records Auditing

Your work relies on database integrity. Seaton-Jordan’s records auditing service will bring a new level of confidence and reliability to your data.

To protect your land database, we can perform regular file audits. We can identify and rectify issues resulting from data dumps and acquisitions, clean up old records, or bring older records up-to-date with current data entry procedures.

An audit from Seaton-Jordan will identify issues, such as:


As an example, your file may contain a producing well, but the acreage is identified as non-producing. We’ll find and correct the mismatch.

Acreage Allocation

We will match your land descriptions to your acreage count, and ensure you’re counting on the correct sub of a complex file.


Every business has their own unique data entry rules and processes. We will ensure this data is consistent across all your files.

Our records auditing process is designed to be customizable to address your unique business requirements, databases and records.