Water Management

Seaton-Jordan is excited to offer water consulting services to the Canadian oil & gas sector. Our goal is to provide clients with efficient and cost-effective solutions for sourcing, transporting, storing and disposing of water used in drilling and hydraulic fracturing. We work alongside numerous industry partners, assisting companies to plan their water management programs for the upcoming drilling season.

Our services include the following:

Water Sourcing

  • Identify water sources for use in drilling and completions including freshwater, greywater and produced.
  • In-field mapping of existing water sources using GPS and sonar technology.
  • Isarithmic and volumetric mapping to determine actual pumpable water versus total volumes.
  • Identify consolidation levels of base sediment and areas of vegetation to optimize pump locations.
  • Potential to broker water agreements for shared produced water.


  • Analyze trucking versus longline options to optimize efficiency and reduce cost.
  • Terrain mapping to determine pump specifications, best practices for line placement, optimal locations for source and booster pumps, road crossing requirements and culvert availability.
  • Determine trucking requirements including number of vehicles for loading & unloading stations, spatial measurements for water sources and stations, turnaround time calculations, and cost comparison versus longline.


  • Establish on-site storage requirements based on frac rate and size.
  • Determine best-fit solutions and analyze cost benefits for C-ring (AWSS), whale & shark tanks, minion tanks and 400/800-barrel tanks.
  • Determine on-site pump requirements to maintain frac buffer volume.


  • Identify available well bores suitable for disposal based on zonal porosity, areal extent, water resistivity and total depth.
  • Locate acceptable disposal facilities based on nearest proximity.
  • For sour produced water, identify chemical requirements to reduce H2S levels.
  • Potential to broker water agreements for shared produced water.