Partnership Closes Gaps for EO 100 Certification Seekers

Seaton-Jordan & Associates Ltd., land evaluation specialists and Impact Resolutions Ltd., engagement and social mitigation experts, have integrated their teams to offer a one-stop-shop for independent environmental-, social- and governance- (ESG) related assessment services.

“Seaton–Jordan is the leader in mineral land evaluations and records auditing,” says Jim Eistetter, president, “and now with a relationship with Impact Resolutions, we have even more focused competencies and experience to offer superior judgement and perspectives for oil and gas producers.”

“While we work with clients on their mineral land evaluations and management of water assets, many of them are also striving for Equitable Origin (EO) 100TM Standard for Responsible Energy Development certification.” Clients, as Eistetter points out, voiced the need for filling the gaps in assessment talent they experience in trying to meet some or all ESG-related criteria. “It makes sense for them to undertake diverse assessments concomitantly with the same team—that is, it’s cost effective and resource efficient to do so while all the pieces of the puzzle are on the table, all the layers are pulled back and all the silos are open.”

Pepita Elena McKee, chief executive officer and founder of Impact Resolutions says: “being boutique firms with our core service areas, this partnership allows us to increase flexibility with more complicated and dynamic opportunities such as impact assessment, EO certifications and other ESG work.” Impact Resolutions is an approved Equitable Origin 100™ assessment firm and is well versed in various industry sectors integrating multiple perspectives ranging from project proponents, prime contractors, government to First Nation, Inuit, or Métis governments and communities.

Both consulting firms have complementary experts from inside the oil and gas industry and other sectors on board, McKee explains. “Braiding our multiple knowledge systems together makes us each very adaptable to clients so they can reach the ultimate goal of sustainable energy development and ‘to create the foundation for a positive legacy’ as our senior operations director Murray Slezak puts it.”


Jim J. Eistetter | President, Seaton-Jordan & Associates Ltd. | |

Impact Resolutions:
Pepita Elena McKee | CEO and Founder, Impact Resolutions Ltd. | |

2017 In Review: Western Canada Land Sales

To effectively understand the trends in Western Canada Land sales in 2017, it is best to compare all data to 2016. Overall, in 2017, we saw Land sale values increase from the previous year across the Western provinces. After two years of very little activity, British Columbia saw a dramatic increase in bonus dollars collected making 2017 the biggest year since 2014. Alberta also saw significant increases in Land sale activity mostly due to the discovery and exploration of the East Duvernay play. Saskatchewan saw a smaller increase in bonus dollars collected than its neighbours, but a significant increase in acreage leased or licensed; this is primarily due to the sale of numerous exploration licenses near Big Muddy.

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What Crown Land Sales Tell Us About the State of the Industry

British Columbia – There have been a few significant Land sales after two years of collecting very little in bonuses.
Saskatchewan – Values are up slightly, is exploration back on the rise?
Manitoba – Needle is not moving much compared to the other provinces
Alberta – Acreage and bonus values are on the rise after five years of steady decline

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Industry Update: What Crown Land Sales Can Tell Us About the State of the Industry

XI teams up with leading industry experts to provide thought-provoking content and unique industry insights. Recently, we worked with Jim Eistetter of Seaton-Jordan & Associates who, using data pulled from XI’s AssetBook, presented a market analysis comparing 2016 to 2017 Crown land sale results, with a focus on Alberta. Jim addressed how current market conditions are affecting land sales and posed some questions regarding how trends may unfold in the near future.

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